Good morning Earlybiirds and welcome to my blog. I wanted my first blog post to be about why I decided to start a blog and the kind of content and topics I will be posting about.

First of all, lets start with why I named my blog Earlybiird. When I was younger, whenever I went on sleepovers or went on any camps I was always the first one to wake up in the morning. I was an early riser, oh how things have changed! Anyways, that’s when I was given the nickname ‘Early Bird’. Then just for fun I added in an extra ‘i’ to make it more unique. I wanted to keep it simple, but I also wanted it to be something personal to me, so that’s how I decided on the name.

I wanted to start a blog because I saw so many other people doing it. I enjoyed reading other blogs and I thought why don’t I start one myself? I also wanted a hobby, something I could get on with when I come home from work, a project, and this was what I wanted to do. I’ve read that it takes a lot of work and effort to start a blog, and to also keep up a blog. A lot of blogs I read have been going for a long time, so this will be a challenge and require a lot of patience.

I want to be able to connect with my readers and talk about things that matter, and that I have an interest in. I want to be able to share the experiences I have been through, and are still going through to maybe help someone or just be a friend. That’s why I read other blogs, to see if other people have the same opinions, views or interests as me. I like to explore the blogging world.

Lifestyle. What is a blog without lifestyle posts?! I LOVE reading lifestyle posts, (because I’m dead nosey). This will be a main topic in my blog, to show you what I do, and what I love.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Neale Donald Walsch


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