Stress…So Overrated

I have to admit, I am a stress-head. The smallest things get me worked up, but I’ve come to realise there are more important things in life than getting stressed over the silliest things. So I found some ways that work for me, to de-stress and I wanted to share them with you. So here goes..


  • The first thing I do when I feel stressed is get a hot drink. I tend to grab hot chocolate or herbal tea, (the perfect tea for this is Camomile – adding honey just hits the spot!). Once I’m all warmed up, I feel calmer. It’s almost instant!
  • As a warm drink will only last a little while, the next thing I will do is listen to uplifting, but soft music. I call it ‘Chill Out’ music. My chill out playlist consists of Ron Pope, The 1975 and Gavin James. (If you’ve never heard of any of
    these before you should go and check them out).
  • Now it’s time for the hard-core stuff. READING. Everybody loves to read, well maybe not everyone but I certainly do. I love to just snuggle up on the couch
    with a book when I just need some time out. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing to just wind down and read a nice uplifting book. Right now I’m reading ‘The
    Secrets of Happiness’ by Lucy Diamond.
  • BATH TIME! Now it’s time to run a nice hot bath…not too hot though. You don’t want to be coming out of the bathroom looking as red as a tomato now do you? Make sure you have some nice bubble bath or a sweet smelling bath bomb to make your experience extra special.
  • Naps are always a good way of de-stressing. Take maybe 10-15 minutes to get your head down, rest your brain for a short while. Be sure not to spend too long in La La Land, you don’t want to over-nap as this can have serious consequences, believe me I know. Ten minutes is all you need to refuel and get you on the right track again.


Now, if you work away from home these things can be a little tricky (bar the first one), so here are some things you can do to de-stress in the work place;


  • Start off by taking yourself away from the situation that is causing you stress. Give yourself a few minutes to think and to calm down. Take yourself outside or go speak to one of your colleagues.
  • If you are feeling really stressed and overloaded with work, just go and speak to your manager or supervisor and explain what is going on. I’m sure they will be understanding and help you if needed.


Let me tell you a little about my workplace and what I do. I work in a solicitors firm, a very busy office. My job title is ‘File Management Support’, which basically means I am the first point of contact if there is a problem with cases that come into my office, along with colleagues in my team. We have a big responsibility. Perseverance and a hard working attitude are definitely attributes I need and I can’t be getting stressed too often so this requires me to find ways to de-stress whilst on the job.


Wherever you work, depending on the kind of job you are in, there is always something you can do to de-stress. These are just some things that help me to de-stress at work and at home.


“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.

                                                                                             John C. Maxwell


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