Christmas Must Haves



It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Who doesn’t love Christmas? Colourful lights, carol singers, Christmas songs! I have put together a list of MY Christmas must haves.

CHRISTMAS FAIRY LIGHTS – My number one must have at Christmas. I mean fairy lights in general a must right through the year, but I get so excited when Christmas ones come out in stores. There is one rule with fair lights though, use them wisely. Too many can look tacky, too many colours can look too over-bearing. Stick to a few colours that match.

Think cosy. Lots and lots of throws are a super must have at Christmas – it’s winter for crying out loud! You can never have too many throws. I mean what if you have a whole load of guests coming but no fireplace to gather round, your throws can come in handy! My go to store for affordable throws – Primark. They’re well wearing and super super soft.

Okay, going back to decorations. A pretty festive garland is needed. Even just a small one, at least you’ve made an effort. You can even make your own garland! I just bought mine for the pound shop, all I had to do was put the letters on the ribbon.

Hot chocolate! But not just any hot chocolate. It has to be the whole shebang. Cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, you name it, it will be on my hot chocolate. Hot chocolate reminds me so much of Christmas. It’s a definite must have.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without festive movies. Now, I have to start watching movies as soon as Halloween is over. I mean seriously, who doesn’t think ‘Hey it’s about time we started getting excited for Christmas’. I can never wait until December to get festive. The festivities must start ahead of time, precisely 2 months before time. Go with the classics, Home Alone, The Grinch and you know the rest.

Start your Christmas shopping in November! There’s nothing worse that waiting until the last minute to buy gifts, and being in queues that end out the door or getting claustrophobic because of the crowds. So save yourself the pain and start early. Also things won’t be out of stock in November compared to Christmas Eve AND you won’t be shopping with the Dads that forgot to buy what their kids asked Santa for Christmas.


If you don’t do/have any of these things, you MUST start now, no I’m just playing these are just some ideas you could use now or even start thinking about next year – It’s normal trust me. I would not be ready for Christmas without these staple things you – I’m sure you can also think of your own.

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”  –  Edna Ferber


3 thoughts on “Christmas Must Haves

  1. I always think about Christmas 🙂 we try and buy through the year for the kids in the sales as soon as November comes its Christmas on the TV and Christmas music too, December just isn’t long enough to get everything done! 🙂


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