Santa’s Comin’ Tonight


The time has finally come when we can relax and wait up for an exciting day ahead. I just wanted to share with you my family Christmas traditions, which I will carry through my whole life.


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, everybody knows that. Christmas Eve is one of my favourite nights, we get to play games as a family and just snuggle up watching as many Christmas movies as we like. Around 7pm, we would get a knock on the door and there lay presents from the elves. Always pyjamas and if we were lucky a board game. I will always remember my siblings asking ‘when are the elves coming with our pj’s?


Cookies and milk are laid out for Santa, along with a carrot for Rudolph. I remember when I was younger; my brother and I had plates that had a place to write a note to Santa with a whiteboard pen. Oh how I miss those days. The glass of milk would always be half full in the morning, along with cookie crumbs and the end of the carrot – my parents gave the carrot to my rabbit to munch on.


Time for bed, and we couldn’t forget to take our stockings. We always knew in the morning that Santa had come because they would be full of presents, sometimes I would wake up in the night and open one secretly – but of course my mum counted the presents and realised one was missing.


To open our stocking presents we would all sit on my Mum and Dads bed and take it in turns to open one each…of course the order was youngest to oldest, so unfair. When all the present had been opened, I was the one to clear all the wrapping paper away. Yay!


Tip toe, tip toe down the stairs. My Dad searched the living room every Christmas Day to see if Santa was still there setting out the presents, but of course he never was. We’d walk in and there would be a place for each of us to sit with a sack of presents. What more could a child want? Again, it went from youngest to oldest. Who came up with this rule?


The rest of the day we would play with our toys and gadgets until the Christmas dinner. Wow my Mum definitely makes the best Christmas dinner, although I’ve never tried any other! It’s my turn this year so lets hope I learned from the best.


“Christmas is the day that holds all time together”

Alexander Smith




4 thoughts on “Santa’s Comin’ Tonight

  1. So sad you are no longer a part of these traditions within our home but so happy you will continue these in your new family. Love you and miss you my beautiful first born x

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