Happy Husband – Happy Life

Dealing with an unhappy husband can make life very miserable, so here are some ways to keep him happy.


  1. Trust

Unless your husband has given you a real reason not to trust him, always give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t snoop in his phone, or try to check all his social media – because that can get you named as a Psycho.


  1. Cook for him

Take the time to cook from time to time. There are plenty of cook books out there to help even if you’re not a great cook, he will appreciate your efforts as it shows you care about him..and his tummy!


  1. Let it go

If there is something that your husband did in the past that really upset you, and you have said you forgive him – just let it go. Bringing things like this up is detrimental to any relationship – holding on to things that are meant to stay in the past.


  1. Show interest in his hobbies or work

Be aware of things he likes. If he really likes to do gardening, subscribe to a gardening magazine or just listen to him when he tells facts to do with gardening – I hold my hands up, I am not a good listener when it comes to my husband throwing gardening/nature facts at me.


  1. Don’t nag

This is probably one of the most obvious statements, but often the hardest to comply to – I know it is for me. Don’t constantly be on his case for something, especially something he can’t change. Nagging causes annoyance. Annoyance eventually causes resentment.


  1. Tell him you love him

Sometimes, as women, we can forget how vulnerable men can be. Make sure you tell him you love him – often. Just as we like to be told we are loved and cuddled, men like to be reassured with the same. Make sure he knows how much he means to you.


  1. Do something unexpected

Stop by the bakery on your way home and pick up his favourite treat. Book a weekend away together. Give him a massage when he gets home. As dedicated wives, we must surprise our husbands – it’s not just their job.


“You know . . . There is a name for people who are always wrong about everything all the time . . . Husband!

Bill Maher









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