Mother’s Day is almost here…

Hello Earlybiirds!

Now, you may be thinking ‘Another blog post? But it’s not Saturday yet!’. Well I’ve got some good news for least I think it’s good news – I’m going to be posting twice a week from now on..AHHHH. Did you just scream or was that just me? I didn’t think so. Anyway, I’ll be posting as usual on a Saturday and then there will be a bonus post in the week, how lucky are you guys?

I was just going to stick with the whole lifestyle theme for all my posts, but I’m thinking of changing things up a little bit – what do you think? Please let me know whether I should start posting something different, maybe videos or even vlogs? I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I’m not 100% – so please help!

Okay…On to the blog post.


So I know some people leave buying mother’s day gifts to the last minute. I was texting my younger brother last night and he asked me ‘When is mothers day?’ so I told him then, ‘You kidding? Lol’ – so it just goes to show men do really need women in their lives to remind them of the ‘IMPORTANT’ things. I could not stop laughing when I realise he was not joking. What would he do without me? But, even if you did remember mother’s day here are some gift ideas to get you thinking…

 First things first – Chocolate. I can guarantee this is the first gift idea people think of for mother’s day – I know it is for me. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Why not try homemade chocolate? My best friend, known as ‘The Lazy Mamma‘ sells homemade chocolates along with homemade bath bombs that would make the perfect mother’s day gifts – go check it out.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 20.05.42.png

♥  Full English breakfast in bed – What is a mother’s day without a Full English? As a child, I used to love giving my mum breakfast in bed, it was the highlight of the day. As I grew older I was able to help more with the cooking and the last mother’s day I spent at home I cooked it all myself and I was so proud – as you can probably imagine. Here is my masterpiece:

Screenshot 2017-03-23 20.15.33

♥  Flowers – A nice bouquet of flowers can top off a mother’s day on a high. Just make sure they are very colourful and vibrant, just like our Mums

📷 Gabor @morguefile

♥  A little DIY project now – try re-potting a mini bowl of succulents. This is such a cute idea and so easy to do. Just buy a few succulents from the store, get a medium sized plant pot, some soil and just arrange the succulents how you like – simple, but it looks like you’ve just bought it.

♥  Spa day – or if you don’t have the budget, plan a DIY spa day and give your mum a pamper night. Get some nice creams, some nail polish and some snacks and pamper to your heart’s content. I can assure you, you will both have a laugh.


I wish every Mother out there a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday and hope you all get spoilt rotten 


“Mum: A title just above the Queen”


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