Fashion Trend or Fashion Fail?

Today’s post is just a little bit of fun – taking the micky out of the latest fashion trend {I mean who doesn’t enjoy doing that?}
First things first. Let me just put this out there – I am not in any way ripping on people who may wear these types of clothing, I am just ripping on the designers [no offence]. I just wanted to make that clear.


On with the post! …

♥  So first up we have …



The frilly trim jeans. Has someone turned back time to the 90’s? No this is the 21st century. Why bring something back that looks hideous? {please note these are my own opinions – if you like this kind of stuff good on ya!} But seriously now, would these guys even survive one wash? Who knows maybe I should test it. I feel sorry for these models.



♥  Now that we’ve got that one over with, let’s move on ..


Oh my… SERIOUSLY? You look like this:



Need I say more? No I think I’ll leave that with you to visualise and realise how ridiculous this trend is. Again if anyone dresses like this – rock it girl!



♥  OMD I just found 1 & 2 together:

I just peed with laughter….
♥  I have been quite harsh but don’t think I’m going to stop there..were only just getting started ..



Ok ~ just give me a minute. Is this really a thing?! Come on people! Is she even wearing underwear? Also why wear these when you can wear these:



I am literally crying with laughter. Why spend £40 or more on jeans that aren’t gonna keep you warm? Isn’t that the point of jeans? I mean ok a few rips are ok, like that’s my limit but WHAT?! I have no more words.



♥  Oh wait I do..


How are you supposed so do anything with this thing on your hand? Can you even bend your hand? What if you’re dancing and you accidentally full blown whack someone in the face ~ they’re gonna be dripping with blood. It’s a lethal weapon. Is this even legal? Also this is definitely photoshopped. No one has hands that perfect – be real!


♥  Ok ~ I must admit, this post was quite brutal but did you laugh? Thought so. My work here is done..



“Do not take life seriously. You will never get it of it alive.”

Elbert Hubbard


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