Tarte Cosmetics – Maneater Collection

Whoever invented early birthday presents is a genius – or is it just something we’ve made up? Whenever my Mum buys me any sort of gift, I always know that it is some sort of beauty product – and this time she bought me as an early birthday gift – the Tarte Maneater Collection.

And I love it!






› Tarte Amazonion Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation and Maneater Buffer Brush This foundation is sooo good. I have really oily skin but this settles it so well. It gives a very full coverage and I am loving it… It hides all my patchiness and blemishes so it’s a thumbs up from me!






› Maneater Eyeshadow Palette This eyeshadow palette contains my favourite colours. I told my mum I love maroon shades and she hit the nail on the head! Even better – it has a highlighter! No need to buy a separate one – I got one right here.






› Maneater Magnetic Mascara To be honest I’m not a fan of this mascara. The mascara wand is not the best as it does not have very long bristles, therefore making mascara seem clumping – I don’t do clumpy eyelashes. The formula is good I just don’t particularly like the wand, but there’s nothing stopping me using a different wand with this formula.






› Tart Lip Scupltor Lipstick and Lipgloss duo The colour of this lipstick is perfect for the spring/summer time. It’s a nice nourishing, creamy formula with a little bit of a shine. I sometimes wear the both together or I just wear one or the other – both ways look good.




› Maneater Self Sharpening Eyeliner I like this eyeliner if I just want to lightly line my eyelids, or my water lines. It’s not the right eyeliner for a wing. i don’t tend to wear eyeliner but when I do this is the one I will be reaching out for, for that subtle hint of black.





“May your day be as flawless as your makeup”




I am not in any way shape or form bragging, I am just simply voicing my opinions on these products. I any of you use these products and love the ones I do, fair enough. I don’t mean to make a fuss. Thank you.


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