The Secret of Happiness | Part 2

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Over the past few years I have really come to know what the REAL secret of happiness is. It’s nothing to do with money or material possessions, although some people I know do believe the only thing that can bring true happiness is money. This isn’t true, and I found that out for myself. It isn’t always about fulfilling your dreams, though this can lead to happiness in the long run. The secret of happiness is all to do with understanding your self, I believe. Now, some of your may be thinking, ‘What?’.’How?’… I will explain everything…


So, you will have noticed that a good majority of my blog posts are to do with mental health and mindfulness, well they’ve been leading up to this post. Before you can understand yourself, you need to try and take yourself away from the world, give yourself time to think – I know I say this a lot – and to analyse your feelings, thoughts and actions. Honestly from experience, this helps bring up my mood so much. I’m started to give myself a chance to stop time and stop stressing so much about everyday life. This is the first step.

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MINDFULNESS. This is a key word in my vocabulary. Whenever I hear about my blog, this is the word that is always spoken of. I have learnt to practice mindfulness in my everyday life, and it really does bring happiness, even if it’s just the slightest. Try it and you’ll notice the difference. Have a look at my tips on how to stay mindful whenever and wherever you are. no matter what you are doing or where you may be, there is always a chance to be mindful.

Happiness by Hermann Hesse

If luck you chase, you have not grown
enough for happiness to stay,
not even if you get your way.

If, what you lost, you still bemoan,
and grasp at tasks, and dash and dart,
you have not known true peace of heart.

But if no wishes are your own,
and you don’t try to win the game,
and Lady Luck is just a name,

then tides of life won’t reach your breast
and all your strife
and all your soul will rest.


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Happiness never comes when you put yourself in situations you know will not benefit you or bring the best into your life. I know this from personal experience. When you surround yourself with the good things in life and the people you feel comfortable around, happiness will slowly creep in and hit you, unexpectedly – in a good way of course. If you take anything away from this post, I hope it’s this. Surround yourself with the people you LOVE. There is nothing better than the company of someone that understands you, maybe even more than you understand yourself – This happens!


Please, please, please don’t shut people out. This is a gigantic step back, along the path to happiness. It can be really difficult during those dark times, but people love you, they want to help and support. I am guilty of this, I think a lot of people can say that, but honestly it felt worse pushing loved ones away than to just open up and talk. We may feel alone but we’re really not.

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Just be yourself. This was another previous blog post. The key to being happy is to just do your own things. Don’t be a follower…be your own YOU. Do what you love and don’t care about what other’s may think. Live for the moment, not in the past. ‘A little birdie told me to let go of the past and look forward to the future and things that are yet to come.’


“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” 

Henry Miller


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